Peace group

by | Jun 21, 2017

The peace group in our congregation was established after the evangelical church conference of 1983 and worked in protest against further cold war armament. The intention then and now is to be a part of the peace church today.

The group organized prayer circles, first in the church in Weierhof and then with other church groups in military populated areas close by. During the Baltic War meetings were organized in Kirchheimbolanden in conjunction with the group “Bosnienhilfe.”

For many years the group has taken part in the annual “Kirchheimbolander Friedenstage.” Recently our contribution has been a peace themed church service in that week. The group also fosters the connection between the congregation and the Deutsches Mennonitisches Friedenskomitee (DMFK) as well as the European peace-church network Church and Peace.

Some continually present themes and topics from the last few years are:

– Current political conflicts around the world (e.g. Palestine and Iran)
– Questions regarding finance and living such as basic income.
Gemeinwohlökonomie – a movement promoting larger just financial structures.
– Peace education in schools. More information at Netzwerk Friedensbildung Rheinland-Pfalz 
– Peace themed church service on Memorial Day.

In its 25 years the peace group has come to understand that peace work is a long process and that it’s good to continually support one another. For that reason we are glad to have new members with new ideas.